On behalf of the executive of the Kansai Canadian Association

Welcome to the new website of the Kansai Canadian Association - also known as the 'KCA'. We are an association which strives to bring together Canadians and friends of Canada who live in the Kansai area and wish to socialize and network at various events. We are pleased to announce that this coming year, we plan to hold all our regular yearly events.

For those with an adventurous spirit, don't miss our annual 'Polar Bear Swim' on January 1st morning, usually held at Maiko beach just by the 'Seto Ohashi' bridge which connects to Awaji Shima Island. Many people also attend this event to cheer on the swimmers and enjoy the special Japanese New Year dishes such as 'ozoni' offered on the beach to all. What better way to bring in the New Year! Following later in January or early February, we hold a New Year party with dinner, dance and special raffle with lots of prizes. Moving on to spring, why not join our hanami picnic under the beautiful Kyoto cherry blossoms? With so much going on in summer, we encourage members and friends to join a 'KCBA', Kansai Canadian Business Association July 1st Canada Day party in Osaka or perhaps a barbeque held by another Canadian Association friend, the 'Japan Canada Kai'. Always popular in October, is our Thanksgiving dinner party with authentic, traditional (all you can eat) roast turkey , mash potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, gravy and pumpkin pie for desert!

Keep watching our website as we post numerous other Canadian related event information. If you wish to join the KCA please contact any of our executive officers or just come along to one of our events and we will sign you up.

Looking forward to seeing you in the coming year!

Kind regards,

Marlene O'Kane, KCA Immediate Past President

Upcoming KCA Events:

  • Update coming soon!

Upcoming non-KCA Events:

  • none


Article I: Name

This organization is named The Kansai Canadian Association and is also referred to as The KCA.

Article II: Design

The KCA is non-profit and non-governmental and is not a branch of any other organization.

Article III: Purpose

The KCA exists to develop friendly relations between Canada and Japan.

Article IV: Mission

The KCA seeks to provide opportunities that enhance friendships among residents of the Kansai region of Japan who are from Canada or who have some connection with or interest in Canada.

Article V: Scope

KCA activities operate within the context of the whole Kansai community. They include a variety of social events and a newsletter.

Article VI: Membership

Section 1:

Membership is open to people of all nationalities who share the KCA's purpose and support its mission.

Section 2:

Membership is activated and maintained by contributing specified fees and registering up-to-date contact information.

Article VII: Assembly

Section 1:

An Annual General Meeting shall be held, for which the Executive Committee chooses chairperson.

Section 2:

The KCA members attending the AGM elect the year`s officers from among current members to manage the day-to-day affairs of the KCA.

Section 3:

Meetings of the Executive Committee are chaired by the President. Quorum is five officers, unless there are less than eight on the Executive Committee, in which case quorum is a majority.

Article VIII: Executive

Section 1:

The elected officers are known as the Executive Committee. Positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, as well as Events, Newsletter, Membership, and Communications Coordinators.

Section 2:

If a position is vacated the Executive Committee may appoint a KCA member as a replacement. If the position of President is vacated the Vice President becomes President.

Section 3:

The Executive Committee shall develop and deliver policies in keeping with the constitution and make decisions in the best interest of the KCA.

Article IX: Modification

Section 1:

Changes to the constitution may only be made at the AGM, after advance notice, with a two-thirds vote of KCA members in attendance and the admission of proxy votes.

Section 2:

Additional details that abide by and expand upon the constitution may be adopted at the AGM in a separate document with the title Bylaws of the Kansai Canadian Association.


The KCA wants you, to JOIN UP! Become a member of the KCA... today!

KCA membership is open to all Canadians and their spouses and children living in or near the Kansai, and to those Canadians who have lived in Kansai, but who now reside elsewhere. Non-Canadians who have lived, worked or studied in Canada for extensive periods, or who have business investment in, or trade with Canada, or who are friends of Canada, are also warmly invited.

How much and what do I get?

For ¥ 1'500.- per year, a KCA Membership entitles you to significant discounts on all our social events.

These include:

  • The New Year's Dinner and Dance (Kobe)
  • The Spring Picnic (Kyoto)
  • The Canada Day - Summer Party
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner (Kobe)

You'll also receive the KCA Newsletter.


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Question about the KCA membership? Please contact our President by

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Membership fee: ¥ 1'500.- only (per year)